My year review – and what’s next?

This year was quite exciting in regard to my professional career.

Early in 2018 I started with software defined networking and took the VCP-NV exam. After having worked a lot with legacy infrastructure before, this was a game changer for my career.

Then in summer I took the decision to quit my old position as an infrastructure architect and extend my knowledge to other domains such as automation, cloud native applications and cloud infrastructure.

After being in the same position for quite a few years, this was a big step for myself. Now that I finally changed, I feel motivated to learn all the stuff that I missed in the past. 

I started learning Ansible and Jenkins, but also learned a lot on vRealize Automation, just to name a few. I want to learn so much that it is even hard to find out where to start 🙂

Apart from my new job I also went to VMworld in Barcelona where I learned a lot on SDN and Cloud Automation, I had many interesting discussions with people on all the topics I am discovering now for myself. Having gone to VMworld was one of my highlights in this year as it helped even increase my interest in the domains I can work in future.

Another point to note is about this blog itself. Due to the fact that I can learn all that new stuff, I chose to share my learning process on the various topics on the blog, so that perhaps I can help others find information they need. Who knows, perhaps I can help others, which start with the same topics as I do….

I know that I did not have a lot of blog posts this year, but I strongly intend to change this in the coming year. The most read post this year on my blog was by far the one on updating vCenter through a proxy.
We’ll see, perhaps next year it might be a series of posts 🙂

On a personal level I am proud that I found the time to increase my BBQ, smoking and cooking skills, and that I could test every technique and recipe I put on my list for 2018. (check!)

So what’s planned for 2019?

  • Keep the learning motivation high!
    • Start the VMware Cloud certification path. 
      As VCPs always helped me start new topics, the VCP7-CMA will be my first choice. (Also this would help me get all the VCPs 🙂 )
    • Continue learning Ansible and Jenkins, and automation in general
    • Increase knowledge in VMware vRA and vCD
    • Play with all the VMware Cloud products
    • Widen the spectrum! (I think that’s the most important key!)
  • At least double the number of posts compared to 2018.

I think that’s already not bad for a start.

I do wish everybody a happy new year 2019 and as much motivation and happiness in their jobs as I feel right now myself 🙂


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